Keeping Pets During Cancer Care.

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Keeping Pets During Cancer Care.

Image of Sick gentleman lying with his dog on bed during his therapy on cancer treatment.

Safety Measures To Be Taken While Raising Pets During Cancer Treatment

People who have cancer would undergo various treatments, including radiotherapy, chemotherapy, etc. In such cases, certain kinds of pets can be a threat for these people. This is because raising pets in your house can be a source of infection. But raising pets can be comforting and they can be the best companion for cancer patients. So, how to solve this dilemma? The best solution is to take proper care of your pets when you’re under cancer treatment. Cancer patients would be recommended for various tests like a PET CT scan for instance. Popular diagnostics like Anderson diagnostics offers such scans and diagnosis for cancer patients. Make sure that your pet is properly taken care when you’re sick and away from home. The following are the things to be considered by cancer patients when raising pets.

Image of Sick Old Lady keep her dog on sofa during his therapy on cancer treatment.How Can Pets Be A Serious Threat For Cancer Patients?

Pets can be a severe threat to people who are under cancer treatment. Nearly 30 to 40 organisms would spread from animals to humans. The bites and scratches of pets can be the main reason for infection for cancer patients. Do not allow pets to play rough with cancer patients. Trim your pet’s claws so that you can prevent yourself from scratches. Take proper treatment when for pet bites as it can worsen your health condition if left untreated.


The feces and urine of your pets is the primary source of infection. It is a great risk for people who are under chemotherapy and other cancer treatments. Place the litter box away from foodstuff and make sure to clean the litter box regularly. It is highly recommended that you do not entertain your pets to lick you when you’re ill. Saliva can also be a source of infection for cancer patients. If your pets vomit clean the area and disinfect it immediately.

It is said that people who are under chemotherapy are more likely to get infected from the above infections. This is due to the low immunity of cancer patients.

Tips To Prevent Pet-Borne Infection For Cancer Patients

The following tips would help to take proper care of the health of cancer patients. You would also understand the safety measures to be followed when taking care of pets to avoid infections for cancer patients. Check out – Here some of the tips to avoid pet-borne infections.

  • Take your pet to the local vet for a check-up before you start with your chemotherapy session.
  • Offer all the vaccination for your pets so that you can prevent various diseases.
  • Cancer patients should wear gloves when taking care of their pets.
  • See that you do not get any scratches or bites from your pet.
  • Trim the nails and claws of your pet
  • Ensure that your pet stays indoors all the time.
  • Wash your hands often when you take care of your pet.
  • When under cancer treatments, avoid contact with your pets. Do not kiss, snuggle, or sleep with your pet. This would help to protect from the infections caused due to pets.
  • Clean your pet cage regularly so that it does not cause any infection to cancer patients.
  • Do not deal with stray dogs or other stray animals when you’re under cancer treatment.

Image showing that a pet check-up before chemotherapy section.

Take Proper Care Of Your Pets

It is good that you take proper care of your pets so that they can be a perfect companion for people under chemotherapy treatments. Perform the following to keep your pet away from infections.

  • Do not allow your pet outdoors except for a short walk. This would prevent them from coming in contact with stray animals
  • When raising pet cats, ensure that they stay indoors. This is because there are chances for a parasitic infection, which would be a severe threat to people who are low in immunity.
  • Offer them with well-cooked food and high quality canned food.
  • Take pets to your vet when your pet is ill

The above safety measure should be taken to avoid infections caused due to pets. This would help to take proper care of the health of cancer of patients. The above tips should be followed even when your children suffer from cancer. Inform your doctor about your pet so that they would offer you with the right medical advice.

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