Amsetters Team

January 10, 2020
An Image Representing A Dog Show - People Gathering With Their Pet Dogs.

The etiquette tips for showing dogs before spectators

The significance of the dog show Many people love to have dogs as their companions, as one can expect true friendship from the little companions. The […]
January 2, 2020
Owner Keeps The Doberman Pincher Champion Dog On The Leash.

All about the dogs who win battle rings

The significance of the show etiquette dogs It has become a common tradition all across the world, where dogs are treated as the best companions for […]
December 30, 2019
Happy And Cheerful Woman With Her Dog.

The best ways to increase the bonding between the pets and owners

Rubbing on the ears of the dog and patting on the coat can make them feel loved People who own pets are crazy, and hence they […]
December 25, 2019
A Woman Playing With her DOg In An Outdoor.

Common signs of dogs showing their love and care towards their owners

Why do dogs lean on their owners? Many people have pets at their home, and hence they shower the love on them like their kith and […]