What’s Best About Indian Dog Breeds?

The dog breeding industry in India is banking heavily on the craze for imported dog breeds. The recent government decision to impose a ban on importing foreign dogs for commercial breeding has raised many eyebrows, but it is good news for those who support Indian dog breeds. People are willing to pay in thousands to own a foreign dog while our local canines are abandoned on the streets. Local breeds like Chippiparai, Indian Pariah Dog, Caravan Hound, Rampur Hound, Indian Mastiff, Rajapalayam, Kombai, Gaddi and Kanni are some of the popular local breeds that are known for its hunting and guarding abilities. The Indian breeds are well known for its loyalty and friendly nature. It was considered royal and prestigious by the early Maharajas in India to own a local dog breed.

Indian Cross Species is Good or Bad?

Cross breed dogs are rising in popularity in India due to its affordable price and a strange blend of characters that gives you the best of both worlds. Mixed breed dogs can be identified through a DNA test. Cross breeding can have its own plus and minus. Mixed breed dogs are unique with a combination of two genes. They can make great pets through training and socialization. Cross breed dogs can be freed from genetic disorders acquired by their ancestor for generations. Over a period of time, it can become the future purebred foundation.

Top 5 Best Dog Breeds on Top Sales in India

Dogs are one of the most popular among pet animals in India. Dogs are preferred for its loyal and friendly nature. They are both intelligent and affectionate. Some of the top breeds in India include:



The retriever is easily available and is preferred by small households. Despite its nation of origin being the UK, it thrives well in the Indian climatic conditions. The dog is easy to train and known for its kind temperament. It is a type of gun dog and is strong and muscular.

Indian Sptiz

No, these are not Pomeranians, though their look alike, Sptiz is taller and heavier and have shorter fur. These are ideal for Indian climatic conditions, easy to groom and are affordable. Though, the breed is not recognized by the Kennel Club of India, that does not hinder its popularity.

German Shepherd

The breed came into existence in the year 1899 and it is one of the most popular breeds in the world, particularly in America. Also recognized as Alsatian in UK, it falls under the category of sheep dogs. Hardworking and highly alert, these dogs are courageous, loyal and intelligent. They have a pack tendency and hence need constant attention of the owner.


A very affectionate breed, made popular by Hutch/Vodafone advertisement, it is also popularly called the Hutch Dog in India. The Pug is one of the oldest dog breed and is ideal for apartments or smaller households. The dog is friendly to children and hence has made its way into the Indian cities. It is short haired and is maintenance free but craves for the attention of the owner.

Indian Pariah

The dog breed is available for free through NGOs and dog care centers in India. It has a strong immune system and is the healthiest dog in the world. These are also known as Desi Dogs. They have the system to handle extreme weather conditions. Not all street dogs are Pariah dogs.

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Essential Commands To Train Your Dog

Arrest behavioral problems in dogs with a balanced training program. Dog obedience training starts with the owner. Patience is the key to training a dog. The training should be fun for both the owner and the dog. Learn how to train your dog with basic commands to tackle behavioral problems. Some of the commands like Sit, Stay, Watch Me, Down, Heel, wait, come, off, take it, drop it, out, leave it, bed, stand and no are some of the basic commands a dog should learn. Learning sessions need to be clear and concise. Make it a regular event. Always reward your dog for good behavior and never punish them. Once the dog learns a command, move to the next. Training exercises for the dog can spark a friendly relationship with the owner.