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Thank you for visiting our website. A hearty welcome to all dog lovers! Our love for dogs pushed us to create this website to bring like-minded people to be part of this growing community. Our experience in the field instigated us to develop this space as an information hub for dog enthusiasts, kennel owners and breeders in India. Our website is designed for pet admirers and pet breeders. We offer a wealth of information and advice for dog owners and breeders ranging from choosing the right mate to rehoming puppies. Our purpose is to educate dog enthusiast to create the ideal environment for their pets. Contribution from veterinarians on canine diseases and symptoms helps create awareness among dog owners to keep the dog healthy. We take special efforts to research before providing information on our website.

We take constant effort to improve our website based on user inputs and adapting to latest technology. Our goal is to make our website up-to-date so that you have something new to learn every time you come here. This encourages visitors to come back for more. Over the period of time we have turned how to be a preferred site for dog lovers and breeders, thanks to the contributions from our dedicated and passionate team members. Whether you need advice on dog feed, toys, supplies, breeding information, puppy care, canine disease information; you name it we have it here. We are happy to promote animal shelters and welfare for abandoned stray dogs. We have joined hands with rescue organizations to look for new homes for abandoned canines. Join us in our endeavour.