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In the world of hoaxes and lies, we know how difficult it is to find the right information related to your pet dogs. You may have come across loads of sites regarding petting your dogs and everything related. But those sites are directed to foreign dogs. But what about Indian dogs and its breeds?

Well, ease yourself. For the first time in the history of the netting world, we have come up with our site that provides you with only genuine information and everything related to Indian dogs. We will offer you real-life tips and techniques to care for your furry friend and also assist you in the training sessions. We have a team of dedicated trainers, VET doctors and assistance, VET technicians and animal lovers from all walks of life. Our site will provide you with the latest and the most updated information regarding your dog and also with information that can be applied to your day to day life.

We are one of the topmost leading organizations that has proved and carved our name to dedicate our life to pet the man’s best friend, Dog.

Our site will provide you with all the related information regarding dogs and its breed, their care and requirements and more. Apart from this, we will also notify you about the dog events and dog sales in your country.

Our site will guide you to the best vet for your dog and also help you in planning your dog’s diet. Our site just does not post any random articles or information for we will check its authenticity and then only proceed with the posting. We also help our dog lovers to the whole new world of dog families where you can interact with them and learn tips and care for your dog.

To know more about dogs and their care tips, check out our website, for we are only happy to serve you.