How To Make Your Pet An Instagram Star?

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March 7, 2018
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March 26, 2018

How To Make Your Pet An Instagram Star?

If you are a pet owner, you would have uploaded many pictures of it on Instagram and social media. Sometimes you would have done it many time in a day. There must have been times when you have scrolled through the feeds and websites of some Insta-famous pet lovers and wondered how their owners managed it, well they could have taken the help of web designing companies while some simply stumbled on success.
If you also want to make your pet an Instagram star or make your pet a social influencer like, below are a few suggestions that can assist you to attain it.

Setup an account: Many pets started their Instagram journey using their owner’s account. But the owners quickly realized that not all their friends wanted their feeds to be bombarded with the antics of their pets through photos or videos. To avoid this nuisance, as an owner who wants to post pictures of your pet’s activities, you should create a separate account. When you do that the pets will have their followers who will know what they are going to expect. Going by the number of Instagram followers for pets, this account will likely to be more popular than the owner’s account.

Use hash tags: One of the keys to success on Instagram is to use hash tags as they help in finding things that people want. Since Instagram is flooded with photos of almost everything, using a proper hash tag ensures that people see what they are looking for. People who are looking for pet photos will look for #pets, #dogs, cats, etc. To find a useful and relevant hash tag to insert with the photos research on what the Instagram star pets are using and you can reuse them if they are relevant to the photos you are uploading.

Learn to take good photos: You may be using the best hash tags to attract people, but if your photos are not good then it dissolves the whole purpose. Ensure that the images you take are clear and not blurry. Take a lot of practice photos before picking the best one to upload. You and your pet should have fun while taking pics which reflects, play around with natural lighting and capture the best skills and looks that your pet possesses by being creative and imaginative. A phone camera can take exceptional photos with great props and light, you can also use various apps and editing tools that can make even an average click look cool.

Post regularly: One of the success mantras to gain more followers on Instagram is to post regularly. Do not take many identical photos of your pets and upload all of them at one go and post it. Instead, to have a steady following, you should post one or two posts a day. Many tools will help in determining the optimal time to put those photos to get maximum followers. The better pics you post, the more followers your pet gains. Always be ready to seize a candid moment of your pet.

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