Things to Consider for Building a Dog Kennel

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February 28, 2018
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Things to Consider for Building a Dog Kennel

Most dog owners regard their dogs as family and want the best for them, be it food or shelter. Moreover, it is your responsibility to provide an accommodation where your canine can sleep and rest comfortably. Some prefer to share their bed or allow it to sleep on the couch inside their house, while others like to build a dog house. By making a dog house, you can protect them against the weather, and it can act as a retreat to your dog.

There are a few things to deliberate before you start construction of a dog house, find them below.

Materials: The cheapest material from which you can build a dog house is plastic due to its ease of maintenance and transport. You can clean than using a hosepipe and not have to worry about rust or rot. But the shortcoming of this material is that it can get sweltering in summer and may not be very comfortable for the dog to rest. There are many other options like the use of refurbished containers as kennels; many container conversion companies provide them, you should check out such companies in your area. You can also use wood like cedar, pine or fir as a choice of material, as it provides excellent insulation even when the temperature drops and can tolerate high temperatures. Refer to find a few dog house designs.

Size: The most critical aspect of a kennel is that it should be a perfect fit for your dog. If you are building it while it is still a puppy, you should know that it can grow big. So look at the stats as to what size your canine can grow up to. That will help you decide the size of the kennel you are about to build. Also, the dog house should not be too big as it can get cold during winter, the site should be perfect for the dog to sleep comfortably, not too big not too small.

Weather: Unlike a house for people, kennels need not be built tall. Dogs don’t mind ducking while entering it, so you can have a door which is lesser than the height of the dog house. A door can help keep the dog warm in winter when the temperature goes down. You can remove it during summers to provide more ventilation. You can use flaps that are magnetized so that the door can be opened and closed easily. The floor of the kennel should be a few feet above the ground to prevent water from seeping during the rainy season. A sloped floor near the door aids in draining out water that accidentally enters the kennel.

Location: The ideal location for a kennel is a place where there is ample shade. It not only ensures that the dog’s house remains cool in summer but also to make it more long-lasting. It is recommended that you place the kennel against the wall of your home or a garage so that there is enough protection against the wind or against any storm that may hit your city.

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