All the secrets of the dog handlers behind the scenes

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All the secrets of the dog handlers behind the scenes

An Image Of Jack Russell Terrier Sitting With His Owner In A Pet Show.

Are all the dogs trained on treadmills?

According to the reports from the Westminster Kennel club that every year, more than 3000 dogs attend the dog show held the Madison square garden, which also dog breeds above 190 breeds. The host and the judge of the dog show assess various breed standards before they declare the winner of the dog. The handlers and their participating dog work extremely hard for the show, as it is a lot of serious stuff for them. A former contender of the show Karen Mammano tells that all we see at the westminster is just the final touch.

We met some of the winning contenders of the dog show and found out some of the best activities during the show and how all the owners train their dog to win the show.

One of the essential qualities all the judges from the show consider is to check the pace of the dog. The judges of the show make the dog run on the doggy treadmills to check the speed and stamina of the dog. The trainers use the treadmills for the dogs, which can help to match the timing and the kind of gait which all the judges are expecting from the dog.

How can soup cans improve the relations between the dog and the handlers?

The judges also check the body language of the dog as the dog must look like some superstar, and hence the judges keep a keen watch on the stance and walk of the dog breeds participating in the show. The owners from the 19th century who had winning dogs trained their dogs on standing on four soup cans on equal distance apart.

Today many owners use the same technique with their dog, but they use products like wooden stances, which are specially designed for the purpose.

Handlers must take care of all their things

From food to the car, the owners have to take care of all the things. The judges also check the vehicle of the handler as the car must be in the best condition to save the pet from any impending danger. The vehicle must provide the right environment with the properly installed air-conditioning system along with fire-extinguisher to prevent any fire inside the vehicle. The owners must also keep their dogs happy and should not misbehave with them if they do not do well in the show as they are not born with such talents.

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