Be Aware Of The Most Vital Dog Training Skills

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Be Aware Of The Most Vital Dog Training Skills

Owning a pet dog offers a unique experience for every dog owner across the world. To become a successful owner of a dog is not easy as every pet dog owner needs to understand the importance of Dog Training methods which needs a thorough practice. The aspect of training a pet dog is a lifelong process as it involves various factors which even vary from time to time. Good training is vital in order to adapt and obtain a positive result.

When it comes to training a dog, achieving a total control seems to be paramount for every canine owner in getting success. Some of the basic and essential training skills are briefed in this short write up. Undoubtedly, these canine training skills go a long way in laying a perfect foundation. More than achieving the desired obedience, these critical skills prepare your pet for a lifetime of good character as well as perfect companionship.

As a dog owner you need to understand many facts about dogs, especially when you are involved in training your pet. Remember the vital fact that your pet dog cannot understand its basic obedience by itself. It is for this simple reason, training the dog is mandatory for every dog owner in order to understand every command it receives from the owner. When it comes to perfect canine training, some discipline has to be followed both by the dog as well the pet owner.

Potty training: This is an important part while conducting training programs for dogs. The success of potty training is determined by consistency as well as reinforcing positive commands. As a dog owner, you need to start with the basics and follow a regular pattern. Since dogs are animals of habits, you need to follow a regular cycle every day by setting a fixed time for each task such as walking, potty break and so on. This will help your pets to come into the groove of basic discipline. Do not punish your pet if it makes a mess, instead reward your dog for getting it right next time.

Commands: When it comes to training in the aspect of obedience, success is determined by a series of repetitive exercises that are being taught through commands. Remember, obedience training has to be introduced in a progressive sequence in order to get the desired results. Here, things such as tone of your voice and guided action seem to be the real key for the dogs to learn. Repetition of your command determines the success of your training program by using various commands. Let us see some of the important commands you need to teach to your pet dog.

Come: More than a form of discipline or obedience, this command is considered to be one of the vital skills as it can avoid some dangerous situations and offer a better safety to your pet. Practice this command with smaller distance and gradually increase the same, so that your pet can hear your affirmative voice. Reward or motivate your pet when it picks your words and obeys by coming near to you.

Stay: This is another important command by which you can make your pet to stay at a fixed place in order to keep away from any harmful threats. While training your dog with this command, you need to follow the 3D’s of training such as Distance, Duration and Distraction. With this command, make your pet either in sit or down positions. As the training progresses, increase the distance and duration. Then make the dog to keep away from distractions while executing this command.

Leave It: This is another command that is related to the safety of your pet. This will prevent your canine from swallowing anything or stay away from another growling dog on the street. Use the same 3D concept as said earlier. Use your shoes to train up this command and offer a reward to your pet after it executes your command.

Sit & Down: These two commands are the basics ones your pet has to learn. Though most of the dogs sit on their own, you need to ensure to connect your command to its behavior. Each time your pet executes your command, give him or her a treat. Also, train your pet to execute your command of ‘Settle’. This command will help your pet to control its fearful emotions.

A good amount of patience is required while showing your pet what is expected of him/her. You should not hesitate to take corrective action whenever your pet makes a fault. Such a gesture will make your pet to learn faster and will make them smart in not repeating the same mistake. Punishments should be totally avoided for not obeying your command and such punishments should not be a part of your training activity. Such corrective steps can only be used in emergencies. The aspect of motivation will work better in getting tangible results after the training session.

Besides observing patience, you need to be aware of the fact that your training needs repetition. This is the critical part of the entire training activity. In general, a dog with an average intelligence needs around thirty to forty number of repetitions before learning a new command. To start with, you have to involve your dog in the training program for around fifteen minutes on a daily basis. Morning time is preferred as the pets stay fresh after a sound night sleep. More than executing your commands, your pet needs a good bathroom training as well.

A solid training foundation offered to your pet dog will go a long way in making life with your pet easier and more fun as well. In order to kick-start your project of training your pet, make your search on the Internet to identify a good dog trainer in your local area. There are experienced dog trainers available in major Indian cities, and many of them have their own portals. These professionals also have blog posts wherein a pet own can learn many tips and tricks to train the pet dogs. Few pain portals even offer online training for the pet owners on basic training skills to train the canines. Interested dog owners can also read the reviews about these professional dog trainers before choosing the right one for an affordable fee.

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