Healthy Human Foods for Dogs

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Healthy Human Foods for Dogs

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We love to share our food to our dogs. No matter what we munch, we are sure to give them a bite to taste. But that just not stop there as they come back to us for more. And our motherly instinct gives them more. Not all Human foods are healthy for dogs, as it will lead them to bad health.

Do not stress as not all human foods are bad, for some are good too. So, let’s check for some healthy human food that we can share with our pets.

Peanut Butter is the best treat for your dog

Peanut Butter is the best snack you can share it with your dog. Not only it is nutritious, it also keeps you dog full for some time. It has a package of healthy fats, vitamins, protein and niacin. But one must ensure to give your dog the unsalted peanut butter because too much of salt is bad for your dog’s immune system. Also avoid giving your dog peanut sugar that contains Xylitol as sugar substitute for it acts as a poison for your dogs.

Do not give cooked bones to your dog

All kinds of meat, chicken and beef are very good for your dog. It can be given skinless, boneless, cooked, bland or more. They are the perfect meal or a snack too. But one must make sure not to give them cooked bones as it is very bad for their health. They must be given raw bones and cooked meats for raw bones are chewy and soft.

Carrots are good for your dog’s teeth

Carrots are a rich source of Vitamin A and fiber. They are the perfect snack for your pet and also help in strengthening your dog’s teeth. If you are worried for your dog’s weight, the best food recommended is carrot for it will help in reducing the weight.

Yogurt is rich with calcium, and protein that plays a great role in the improvement of digestive system. But ensure to give it unflavored and unsweetened. Pumpkins are the great choice for dogs with sensitive stomach. Apart from these, you can also give your dog eggs. You either give it raw or cooked, it sure acts as a health benefactor. No matter what food you give, make sure your dog is fed with no seasoning or pepper. Also, the salt intake must be less too. And the best way to feed your dog is the bland food as at the end, it will benefit only your dog.

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