Healthy Foods for Dogs

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Healthy Foods for Dogs

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Dogs are man’s best friend. So, it is the responsibility of the man to take care of his best friend. But we at times, knowingly or unknowingly do more harm to dogs than benefitting them. The main reason is the food the dog takes. Yes. You read it right.

There are foods that do more harm to the dog. We blindly get foods from the store because it says it’s nutritious and give it to them without thinking twice. But are they really nutritious? Why get food from the store when you can actually prepare it at home. Your home has so many things that definitely aid the dog’s digestive system and his overall health. Your dog must be fed wholesome, fresh, unprocessed or low processed nutrition on a daily basis to maintain its health.

Let’s take a look at some of the simple and healthy foods for your dog.

Bone Broth helps heal leaky gut and good in digestion

Bone broth has so many benefits and is considered a healing potion. It is a great detoxifier and flushes out hormones, chemicals, and waste. It benefits the body with minerals, electrolytes, and acids that help in the boosting of the detox process. It has been learned that bone broth helps to strengthen joints, bones, ligaments, tendons, and muscles and also relieves joint pain. It is a great source of macro-minerals and gives the body the strength to fight from infections. Apart from benefitting the internal system, it also builds and protects skin by making it glow and shine.

Raw Goat Milk strengthens the immune system

It is one of the most nutritious foods which play a great role in benefitting the immune system of the dog. It helps in reducing the allergic reactions and is best for gut health. Goat milk is considered a better choice than cow’s milk because it is easily digestible, less allergic, has higher levels of Zinc, Vitamin A and Selenium.

Organ Meat is also known as Blood Tonics

Whether you make at home or buy it, it is a crucial diet for your dog. They are the bodybuilders since they reach and benefit the organs directly. They are rich in Vitamin A and B, Zinc, folate, amino acids, B12 and more. The organ meats generally include kidneys, liver, pancreases, adrenal glands, stomach, brain, and heart.

Other important healthy food includes eggs, Omega-3 oils, coconut oil, kelp, mushrooms, fermented foods, etc. They are all very nutritious and play a great role in benefitting the health of the dog.

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